I just want to tell you that I am such an advocate for your training and I appreciate your pricing and how much you take care of us. But I'm not digging the real life testing afterward. Last time it was Matt having a heart attack, this year it was an SUV vs Motorcycle accident. I was 3rd person on scene, called 911, told them that I was CPR Certified and First Aid trained and she told me to go help as long as it was safe to do so. The motorcycle was on fire as was the young man driving it (he was trying to beat the SUV to the turn and didn't make the turn in time). I grabbed my first aid kit from my car and ran up the hill. The first gal up there was emt but she didn't have her kit so she used mine, and guess what, I had gloves and scissors in there. There were a couple of people that got out to help already so I was just there to see where I could help but the important thing is that I felt empowered to do so. I was there for comforting, encouraging words for the young woman and first aid kit that nobody else had for the young man. The young man passed away 2 days later. No helmets. Anyway, really, I just want to thank you for giving me the boost in the arm to be courageous enough to feel like I can help where it is necessary.
Ruby Reiner
St. Matthew’s Catholic Church
602 South Main Street Kalispell, MT

I have had CPR classes every two years since seventh grade. Roy Testa is far and away the best instructor I have ever had. Roy is knowledgeable, knowing the facts and telling stories about his first aid experiences. He is quick and to the point, which I appreciate with my busy schedule. He provides a rigorous course and makes sure his students know the CPR material frontwards and backwards. I use Roy for my own and my staff's renewals every two years and I give him my highest recommendation for both health care professionals and lay people.
Mandy Stebbins, D.M.D.
401 Baker Ave.
Whitefish, MT

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you. I had a gentleman having a heart attack in my office today and was calm and able to handle it and he is now in the hospital recovering. He was concious the whole time and the fire dept and the ambulance responded with amazing time. When I told him that I was going to call 911 he tried to talk me out of it and your voice was playing in my head, "You do NOT need their permission to call an ambulance." It was so fast (and not my first rodeo with a heart attack in my presence) but you stayed in my head and I just want you to know that I appreciate all you have done for us.
Thank you,
Ruby Reiner
St.Matthew’s Catholic Church
602 South Main Street
Kalispell, MT

"What a fantastic CPR training experience! Roy came to our facility at a time that worked for us, with all his equipment, to efficiently train our physical therapists and office staff. Roy is a great instructor and kept everyone engaged in the class. The hands-on experience was invaluable and we all appreciated Roy’s positive attitude, sense of humor and knowledge base. When we require re-certification, we’ll be giving Roy a call. Thanks again!"
Jennifer Reynolds
Operations Manager
Advanced Rehabilitation Services, LLC
Kalispell, MT

"Thank you so much for the excellent training last night. You received rave reviews from all that attended. We all are so appreciative that it covered so much and was so thorough. In my 27 years as an educator in the valley (18 as an administrator) CPR training has been a component of my credentials and I’ve had various instructors. You certainly stand out as the best at what you do. Your passion is commendable. I will eagerly (and already have given out a card) pass on your information to anyone else who is needing updated training. Thank you again and take care,"
Renee Boisseau
Kalispell Montessori Elementary
Kalispell, Mt

"Thank you so much for the great experience you provided in the CPR classes at The Healing Center at Red Willow. Even though we are individual practitioners, we all recognized the need to be ready in an emergency. My fellow practitioners commented on how interesting you made the material and were appreciative of your organization, your knowledge and skill and on how you highlighted situations that we might encounter in our particular setting. They were delighted that the class was so thorough and enjoyable. I really appreciate your extra effort to find a time when we could do 2 classes and that you were willing to travel all the way to Missoula. Because of your flexibility, all of our practitioners were able to attend the class. Compared to what is available locally, we really feel like we got a great value for our dollar. We'll look forward to seeing you again when we are ready to recertify!!"
Warm Regards,
Rosie Smith
Moondance Healing Therapies
The Healing Center at Red Willow
Missoula, Mt

"Roy of Anytime, Anywhere CPR was fabulous. Our trainings were scheduled to accommodate our entire staff and the location Roy provided was convenient and comfortable. The trainings were thorough, interesting, and Roy went out of his way to offer examples that would be relevant to situations our staff face regularly. Many of our staff have been CPR/First Aid certified for years and said that this was the BEST training they've ever had. We all feel ready to put our skills to use. THANK YOU to Roy Testa for a wonderful experience!"
Steph Paidas
Educational Travel Institute / Glacier Road Scholar programs

Roy has provided CPR training to our dental team for the past few years. He is punctual, efficient, and effective. He uses real life examples and has fun while teaching. We highly recommend his training.
Dr. Eller and Alpine Family Dental Team

"I would like to thank you for your recent first aid and CPR training for our staff at Meadow Lake Resort. Your professionalism and expertise are appreciated. The checklist you provided in advance was helpful in preparing for the class. You were very organized and our staff commented that the training was thorough. We are confident that our staff is trained to respond effectively to an emergency situation. Also, I would like to thank you for answering our questions and providing your input when we were in the process of purchasing an AED. Your enthusiasm and knowledge shows you are very passionate about your business. We will certainly contact you for future first aid and CPR training."
Heidi Wolf
Guest Services Manager
Meadow Lake Resort
Columbia Falls, Mt

"Roy is a very friendly and knowledgeable teacher. He not only taught the usual stuff, he emphasized on issues that pertain to our business and everyday life. We really enjoyed taking the class and will be using Anytime/Anywhere CPR in the future."
Keller Logging, Inc.
Eureka, Mt

"Roy is a pleasure to work with. He took time to answer all of my questions and offered training for our company at a very competitive price. He personally drove out to train our employees on location, saving us the time and money of having to go to another facility for training. Roy related well to our staff and made them feel comfortable. The training was very high quality, but easily understood and executed. I highly recommend Roy for your CPR and First Aid training needs!"
Whitney Cantlon,
HR Manager, Country Foods

"Our small non profit serves individuals with disabilities and we are required by law to have our CPR and First Aid certifications. Sometime for long term caregivers that have to recertify every year it feels like and unnecessary task. But Roy was full of new information that made our class interesting and all our care givers came away with more then just a review of rules but improved ways of looking at all types of situations."
Shirley Willis / Director
Lighthouse Christian Home

"I want to thank you for the professional services of Anytime/Anywhere CPR. You were prompt, informed, and flexible with scheduling to meet our needs for CPR training. You accommodated us by phone, email, and in person before we had the class which we felt was exemplary. Presentation was clear and you made sure we understood everything before moving to the next section. We will use your services in the future without question."
Fred Jones (safety coordinator)
Ferguson Enterprises Inc.

"I would like to let any one who needs CPR and First Aid training to feel confident to use Anytime/Anywhere. Roy is an excellent teacher and makes it very interesting and easy to understand. I want to thank Roy again for the time spent with our staff."
Alternative Youth Care Facility
Kalispell, Mt

Roy Testa of Anytime/Anywhere First Aid, CPR provided three classes for my volunteers throughout the summer and early fall. He was always very professional in his teaching technics and very thorough when covering the material. Classes were prompt and focused. I would recommend Roy and his company for anyone needing comprehensive first aid/cpr training.
Cheri L. DuBeau Carlson
Executive Director
DREAM Adaptive Recreation, Inc.

"Everyone who works with youth at the Flathead Youth Home needs to be certified in the life saving techniques of First Aid and CPR. Roy Testa from Anytime Anywhere was a great choice for our group due to his flexibility with times, reasonable cost, and willingness to come to our staff meeting to instruct. He is passionate about sharing these vital skills that someone needs in an emergency. Roy teaches in a straightforward manner, presenting the information as simple and commonsense as possible. His experience with the material and leading classes kept everyone engaged. Roy was easily the best 1st Aid/CPR instructor I have worked with over the past 15 years and highly recommend him."
Lance Isaak
Program Director
Flathead Youth Home

We brought Roy out to McGinnis Meadows to have all of our wranglers certified for our upcoming season. Roy kept us all alert and interested and kept us engaged in the program with questions and activities. He really knows his stuff and takes his job seriously. When we need re-certified, we’ll definitely bring Roy back up to the ranch.
McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch
Libby, Mt

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